“Science leads the knowledge, but not the wisdom. The wisdom comes from its later contextualization”.


Our goal is to communicate scientific content including its impact on society and transmitting the current scientific method with  the help of both new and old technology.

Our productions focus soberly on three basic elements:



“The way you present science has to be scientific: worthy, methodic and reflective.”
We invest a great part of our effort to the elaboration of deep and comprehensible content. For this matter, we work in collaboration with leading scientists and experts as well as with creative content creators.



“Present the world as it is, without unnecessary magnification”.
For deeper impact on the audience, we make use of cinematographic techniques, scientific visualizations, and analogue special effects. We want to show the things how they really are. Our productions are organic.



“The sound as a central part of our whole concept”.
We believe in the symbiosis of all our senses. The sound production is as much important as the visuals. It creates the atmosphere and reactivates the audiences’ unconscious and primitive instincts.