“Science leads knowledge, but not wisdom. Wisdom comes from science’s later contextualization”.

Borkel-Art Pro was founded in 2016 in Madrid by Lucas Borkel, multiinstrumentalist, classical pianist, writer and educator. His purpose is to communicate artistic, scientific and philosophical content through sound & music, audiovisual productions and live performances in an attempt to fulfill the ideal of a crude and deeply touching sensory experience transmission. Through Borkel-Art Pro Lucas pursues an organic way of creation, using alternative formats and techniques and also developing disruptive and unorthodox creativities.

For each project, he builds a new multidisciplinary team in order to find a balance between different disciplines, crafts, techniques and points of view. His work is the product of unique collaborations between artists, scientists and engineers.

The 3 principles:

1. Present the world as it is, without unnecessary magnification.

2. The way you present reality has to be both scientific and artistic: empirical,  reflective and honest.

3. Sound and image is information on a different wavelenght.